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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  April 25, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks. steve: mayor firing back, a corruption scandal, just weeks ago mayor said he was done talking about it. dari: but forced to respond to new allegations of campaign corruption. sharon crowley with how he is defending himself. reporter: the mayor irritated today. denying his team broke the law raising money. however, an investigation is
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>> it is outrageous. >> i think there is an obvious question mark around that memo that was leaked to the press. real questions about motivation, and huge questions about accuracy in terms of law. reporter: it comes from state board of election chief investigator, sugar man was afound poibtd --appointed by governor cuomo. >> he and his people did some fundraising for democratic candidates in which very lrnlg large contributions were september sent they were so big. that is a legal loophole, he
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direct communication between the donors and those campaigns there could be an indictment in store. reporter: the report said in part, i have determined that reason able cause exists to believe a violation warrantying criminal prosecution has taken place, the violation discovered by this investigation can only be described as willful and flagrant. >> i am quite convinced that the facts will show everything was done legally andappropriately. reporter: the issue is now in the d.a.'s hands. jenn: all right. thank you. >> voters in 5 states, head to polls tomorrow, 118 republican delegates and 384 democrat delegates are up for grabs in the states.
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stop donald trump, ted cruz and john kasich have joined forces, hoping to deny trump the delegates needed by splitting votes up in 3 upcoming primaries primaries. >> donald trump was wasting no time lashing out at the cruz-kasich deal, calling it a sign of weakness and an act of collusion. called for both to drop out of the race. >> i watched cruz this morning, he is all mixed up, because he is losing so badly, our new nominee is john kasich, he has won one state out of 50. >> democrats, hillary clinton began her day in delaware, throwing a few jabs at her rival, saying that donald trump is out of touch.
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great but america needs pram practical plans from their president. jenn: senator called for a carbon tax to address climate change, and would phase out fracking. steve: voting problem in new york primary last week, prompting calls for reform, mayor promising $20 million to board of elections if it agrees to changes, including outside count selling -- and training. city controller and state attorney general office are also now investigating. jenn: we're in for some rain overnight, we need it. >> nick we always need rain. nick: nice to have it to summertime months. not a lot of rain in this forecast. but there will be showers in to overnight period, right now fox 5 sky guardian, some precipitation, not reaching the
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to the west there are showers in tral pennsylvania, some coming in overnight. we have been in upper 60s to 70s. we're back to upper 50s in city. mid 50s north and west, 58 at jersey shore, 57 at allentown, middle to lower 50s to the long island area. future cast showing shower activity coming in overnight. a rumble of thunder not out of question, then a gap, tomorrow morning not much. then afternoon more showers, a couple thunderstorms, they could produce some hail late in the day. s for part of tomorrow night, then a beautiful wednesday forecast. temperatures this week are just a little bit below average. clouds are going to thicken up, look for showers, and isolated thunderstorm, 54 in city, 40 to 50 really to northern western
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morning and breaks of sun. 60 in middle of the day, 63 if this warm front slides on top of us. thunderstorm comes in mid on late afternoon. >> a intense few minutes on lower east side, a cherry picture crashed into an apartment wim an apartswin doe. it lost -- apartment window, it lost hydraulic power nobody was hurt. >> a group of middle schoolers visiting from north carolina silenced at 9/11 memorial. 50 students singing national anthem, last wednesday, security guards forced them to stop, they called performance a public
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and told kids they needed a permit to sing, a spokeswoman said that guards did not handle situation correctly. steve: criminal case again bill cosby is moving forward, a pennsylvania court dispieded not decided not to hear his appeal, cosby said a former district attorney promised he would never be charged if he agreed to questioning, but a different d.a. reopened case last year and filed charges in december. >> sport caster erin andrews settles her lawsuit with owner and operator of pair marriott hotel, jury awards her $55 million. hotel operator on the hook for the rest. dollar amount, is being kept confidential.
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prince, new reports surface that he may not have slept for days before he died. his brother-in-law claims that prince worked for more than 6 days straight with no sleep. calling ex exhaustion into question. autopsy results are pending. >> prince's relatives and lawyers are scrambling to figure out what to do with his music empire, he did not have a will. >> a lots of people they loved his music and his brilliance. but what i was told by various professionals, who worked with him, he was a terrible businessman. he was very impulse sive. with concerts he made most of his money. jenn: according to minnesota law, prince a 6 living siblings would be in line too split his massive estate. steve: a huge block parties tonight in harlem. jenn: megan wright was there as fans danced. reporter: hanging out in harlem,
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to thousands. cell operating the life of prince. -- celebrating the life of prince. they are throwing a huge block party. harlem showed up, and out for purple one. >> prince had aloof for harlem, he donated a million dollars to harlem's children, and a quarter million to uptown dance academy, this community, when you show love to harlem, harlem shows that love back to you. reporter: his fans came out to dance. >> many rocked purple. and im-- imtrading. >> i loved the artist, he is my idol, he lived. you know what i mean, he lived. >> i ran into my friend from elementary school, the biggest prince fan, how have you been feeling.
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i want to learn more about what actually happened to him, he was very young, but it is really amazing to see these people here supporting, dancing. celebrating his life. reporter: block party turned into a concert when melissa morgan hit the stage to perform a song written for her by prince prince. for many, this was a way to show appreciation. >> "fox 5 news. steve: not just beyonce's new album that has fans all worked up. what is fueling rumors that jay-z may have created create cheated on the queen. jenn: best way to stay in shape at home or office. steve: tv show quietly dialing
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jenn: future is now for driver less cars. steve: in big idea, what it is like when you let the car take the wheel. >> you see steering wheel move on its own. reporter: 65 miles an hour down garden state parkway, the car is doing the driving. >> car picks up markings on road, keep us in the lane, a car has pulled in front of us, it is slowing us down. reporter: a new mercedes coup, outfitted with what is called diselectronic plus with steering assist, it will come close to
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at mercedes let us take it for a spin. >> you can see keeping a set distance from car in fronts, following markings on either side of the lane. jenn: it did the. reporter: equipped cameras, and sensors and radar, i can tell car how much distance to keep from vehicle ahead. >> braking on its own. reporter: too much hands-free driving, the car lets me know. >> it will tell me to put my hands back on the wheel. there we go, rid hands osteering while, saying, you should keep our hands on the wheel, a good idea. >> human is best safety element. we believe that, you are in control as driver. reporter: mercedes said safety is one what is steering its drive to the big idea of a driverless car, it may not be as far away as you think. >> i think by end of decade.
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>> this is tesla summon's feature, you can move car forward or backyard, stands outside with a couple of clicks on the key fob. >> that should engage autopilot it does, the car is reading the lines in road. reporter: tesla road out what it calls autopilot, its version of the cruise control through software update last fall, company said just like a plane, auto pilot requires a pilot. >> that is what tesla designed it to do make them feel more safe and relief of tedious tasks of driving in bumper-to-bumper traffic. >> it keeps tesla in lane at highway speeds and works well in top and go traffic. >> bringing to us a stop. >> two vehicles on your
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limit signs with a forward facing camera. >> car coming. reporter: it has freakedded out some people like that grandma, but others like josh brown. say it saved him from getting sideswiped, how much should we let cars takeover the driver's seat. >> default position in our world, if it is not illegal, it is legal. >> most states have no laws on the books some, go out of their way to repaint roads providing high resolution maps, making it easier for companies to test driverless cars, new york, an exception, it is a law a person must have at least one hand on the wheel at all-times. nhtsa told google, whose driverless car got in an accident, they still have a lot of questions they would consider the car itself to be classified as the driver. >> i would think that it is not
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sort it out, that are hundreds of millions at stake here. >> we wait for all that. >> hands-free, i have my foot on the brake. car does the steering. reporter: at leave the cars can -- at least they can parallel park for us. >> we're done. reporter: fox 5 news. steve: crazy how far they have come with that. in case you are wonders issue tesla and mercedes, are available for purchase. more of the test drive you can go to our fox 5 facebook page. jenn: beyonce's lemonade, sparks reaction in the world. we igniting the jay-z cheating rumors again.
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study saves day in his stage steve: beyond dropped her album over the weekend. jenn: reigniting rumors about state of her marriage to jay-z. simone boyce with more. reporter: beyonce drops her 6
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with it a swarm of beehivers pointing fingers. >> talking about real political stuff she never touched before, and telling us deep secrets about her life. reporter: hourlong album released saturday night, illustrates a journey through black womanhood, old and new political themes, and raw insight to fury, jealousy and infidelity. >> there are several songs like cheating, songs about being hurt, saying, i was waiting home for you late one night nights like that, i wish i hadn't put a ring on it. reporter: other name on everyone's lips becky. >> you better call becky. reporter: did fig designer rachel roy out herself as beck we this post. >> after it was released,
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media said he was having a great hair day, because of rachel's actions we believe to be rachel. >> a a private, she tweeted this i respect love, marriages and families and strength. >> rachel would like to be that girl, she loves us talking about her. reporter: this is not first time rachel roy has been connection with the marriage, beyonce sager solange reportedly yelled at roy at a 2014 after party. >> rachel roy got her start working for jay-z a label, and married hid his former business partner. >> another famous rachel is feeling the behive sphing. besting, that is rachael ray. >> the fans got confused they thought rachael roy was rachael a, they have nothing to do with one another.
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appearance in new york city tonight, due to a personal emergency. simone boyce, "fox 5 news. jenn: attention come back of anthony weiner, is now subject of a documentary. >> can you remember. >> i would like to talk about housing the bronx. jenn: based on his planned run for mayor in 2013, he resigned from congress after tweeting pictures of his private parts to a female follower. it takes in his failed mayoral campaign. weiner opens in theaters next month. steve: a talented tenor saves day at metro
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francesco was forced into final act with 5 minutes noticed. he was show rushed he showed up onstage with a cape draped over his t-shirt and jeans. not a bad way to make his debut at met. >> people were surprised maybe, i don't know, but, biggest surprise for me. i am very happy. >> when audience was told about last minute change, they gave them a well deserved standing ovation. >> an opera within an opera. so much drama. >> laundry pods may be convenient but they are dangerous, huge danger they pose to children, what makes them different from regular detergents. steve: is your bedding attracting bedbugs, the colors you may want to avoid to keep
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keep it strong smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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jenn: it seems that more and more kids are ingesting those popular deter detergent pods. >> with their swires swirls and bright colors they can look like candy to children. >> they are great, but they are something to be afraid of. >> reporter: the convenience of pod become on a cost, therer more than 22,000 deter jen pod incidents involving children younger than 6. >> they have come in, in coma, they stopped breathing, we have had two deaths due to exposure of the laundry packets. reporter: he compared toxicity levels between the packets and traditional form.
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on packets, the chemicals are more concentrated and bursts into the child's mouth. >> those concentrated chemicals can cause serious burns it gets down the lung that could cause severe damage, and when observed causes affects on the brain. reporter: companies made packets more difficult to puncture, and cover them in a film that makes them taste disgusting but so far they have resisted changing the colors, making them look less like candy, parents we spoke to say, that is why they make sure they keep pods under the children's reach. >> in a locked door. >> homes with young children should avoid the packets all together. lidia curanaj, "fox 5 news ." >> our busy schedules can make
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are squeezing in microworkouts when they can, you need 5 to 10 minutes a day, they are popular here in the city, some exercise you can do in a space the size of a studio apartment. >> a set of 4 exercises one repetition of each, then next set, do same exercise but two reputations each. then move on. push up, sit up, sit up lunges, and jumping jack. gets every muscle group in the body. jenn: he was schooling me, micro work out can help you burn up to 500 calories, and you don't have to miss a day without exper size. steve: do not put red sheets on your bed, it turns out that bedbugs love that color red. they gravitated toward darker collars like red, black, they
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and yellow. jenn: a brooklyn couple has created a new app for house keeping services, el san ellison shows us what it is about. >> these are brooklyn's jeanie mates, husband and wife team, high school sweethearts, founders of on demand cleaning service that can get to your home or office in no time. >> ensure that a cleaning professional will be there in an hour, because of our algorithm, we had matched client within 5 mile haze outof a cleaning professional. >> download the app, send a text they will send a jeany on the way. -- jeany on the way. >> hello. >> idea for jeanie mates came from struggle too work, take care of their sons, and keep their house in order. >> we just wanted to free up our time. >> our time is important, we like to play basketball, with our sons, we're active.
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we're not the type that' to stay in the house cleaning for 3 hours. >> steve and sade started on a shoe string budget, kept is hyperlocal testing their cleaning service on family and friends in brooklyn area. doing a lots of the work themselves they now use independent contractors. >> our basic cleaning minimum of 2 hours, it is $40% hour, that is basic dusting, and mopping. reporter: need streak? >> a deep clean? not a problem. >> time too go out, this service is also giving a lot of families back their time, a lot of busy professionals back your time. >> jeanie mates are running special through mother's day. and business, they are working
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dream of some day becomings uber of cleaning services. jenn: you can fast forward threw commercials, but new ads are coming that you won't be able to avoid 92 a. steve: membership changes at costco, here is new york minute. >> a new exhibit at met, showing works of earliest rulers of middle east. >> we have art -- a group who moved no iran from central asia. >> spans 300 years of progression through what is now turkey, syria, ran iran and iraq. >> exhibit from april 27 to july
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>> moody's mega-big mega-math workshop. >> they can be good at math but they are not sure why they are running math. we're helping kids see why to be motivated. >> kids within home with so scholarships that your new york
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>> so you don't' to move back in with your parents after you graduate, engineering has 5 of top 10 10 entry level jobs right now, best place to lauren launch your career is new york city, big apple offers opportunity for career advance am and high quality of life, thanks to the number of bars and restaurants. just saying. >> hold care health care costs topping list that worries morning most,
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official burden facing the economy and personally. >> and new home sales fell for a third straight month. shacking up before hooking up. 1 in 4 americans who took out a mortgage in 10 years said they purchased a house with their significant other before tying the knot. that is business i am neil cavuto. >> charter communication to be number two home internet provider behind comcast, justice deputy approved its bid to buy time warner cable. but regulators need to give their okay. charter said that time warner customers will probably see a price increase, but hire 20,000 people in u.s., replacing time warners overseas customer service. >> looking like it will cost you more for a costco membership, predicting warehouse club will
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year or next. that means basic membership from 55 to 60 dollars, and ex couldtive "expressemployment professionals invitationallictive" from -- executive from 110 to 120. steve: it is easy to avoid commercials these days, how popular shows are selling a new kind of viewing experience. jenn: latest viral dance craze.
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steve: some of your favorite tv shows are cutting down on commercials but there is a catch. >> contractor no, i will not bow to any sponsor. reporter: wayne and garth parody
10:44 pm
>> i would be like where is my nearest retailer. reporter: their successors on a show that long ago mastered satire of a commercial may soon rely on, nbc selling sponsored skits on snl. >> to see a branded product in middle of a television show can be a natural experience, if done well. describing native advertising at coveted. with viewers ability to avoid commercials. >> does not about either me -- bother me. >> you see logo, camera on the car first. car is always shiny. >> i get turned off by it. reporter: for those worried. they cahon this to a artform, we
10:45 pm
-- raybans in top gun. et followed a trail of reeses pieces. >> the brand fitting seamlessly, it registered with the viewer. but someplacements are less subtle than others. >> it looks like an obviously placed advertisement that hurts a bit of credibility with consumer. reporter: he sees a place in future for traditional commercial. credible tie it can provide. >> not an either or scenario, one supports the other. >> people do things because they get paid. >> fact king "fox 5 news -- mac king "fox 5 news." steve: all changes so quick. jenn: wages world -- wayne's world my favorite movie of all-time. steve: april weekend.
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this week not warmest week not coolest week, just a smidge below after wrong. -- average. 68 today nice. 50 the low this morning, cooler tomorrow. record high 91, record low 29, sunrise 6:00 a.m., now 7:46 down, sun breaking through mid morning in to maybe early afternoon. 59 right now, wind has gone calm, now sky is showing clear but there are high clouds up there they are thickening up too. rain appearing on fox 5 sky guardian, this not really reaching ground, sprinkles in hudson valley, no worry but this is area showers. west of van -- scranton, sliding
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69 in city but we managed 70s in a few spots. then, upper 50s at montauk, 50s just about along coast, 50s to bridgeport about 50 east end, 59 at newark, allentown in 67. wind calm, light east-southeast wind most of the night. look at temperatures wideranged this could happen tomorrow, sort of a range of 50s to north, and mid to upper 70s in central and south jersey, right now 50s. 70 or greater. slat -- satellite photograph with some high clouds across the sky. we'll watch this storm center slide east war, and a warm front
10:48 pm
a wide range of temperatures tomorrow. 80s in raleigh to the gulf coast. not much will happen, 60 at lunchtime. if that warm front gets too near us about 63 in afternoon, with showers and storms popping up late afternoon to first part of tomorrow night, some storms could have hail with them, system moving on, that break in middle of the day, wednesday looks great, sunshine could back to lower 60s but clouds backing up to us, while we may see sun to start thursday. showers will be back in afternoon, clouds coming in stay in place tonight, thicken up a bit, shower thunderstorm straight in wii hours of morning. 63 for high tomorrow afternoon morning low of 59, and showers and storms afternoon in tomorrow night. clouds back thursday, showers in
10:49 pm
part of friday morning. saturday 63 okay. sunday, sun to clouds. showers may come in late sunday afternoon. jenn: all right. we have a clear saturday. i am already thinking ahead. steve: all right. jenn: coming up next with sports. >> i am ines rosales with toyota traffic tracker. parkway eastbound from gun hill road to hepry hudson parkway,
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ba da ba ba ba russ: in case you have not heard that long running soap opera, deflate-gate is back. a federal appeal court ruling
10:53 pm
game suspension that was handed down by the nfl for his involvement in deflated footballs that was overturned in september by a manhattan judge. today's ruling means that brady will miss gains ain't -- >> start upcoming season. nfl player association could try to take an appeal to supreme court. but i think that would be like spits in wind. supreme court has more important things to do. as for those who you keep wondering why nfl and its commissioner rodger goodell has it in for brady, that is not the case, never was, a precedence has to be sit here every time the commissioner make a decision, a player cannot just go to court. that is why the nfl cannot let this one go. brady being markey player he is,
10:54 pm
>> all right, to diamond. in citi field, michael conforto unloads toic --ic lessia. after redding pull even in top. duda. hits this pitch. so long. 3-1 mets. top of 7th, walker, bottom of inning unloading. 8th bomb of season, 5-3 mets is final. >> down in texas yanks opening up a 3 game set with rangers. 1-0 yanks.
10:55 pm
3-0 yankee. a no hitter to bottom of 7. nomar stroked his leadoff single. breaking up no-no. 2 hit shut out. now 3-1 yankees in 9th inning. >> that is sports. steve: thank you russ. jenn: i feel out of touch, this is first time i have seen this, latest viral dance craze. i like that, that will get you a lot of money.
10:56 pm
who won the battle? song, does not sound familiar to me. jenn: i know this song. steve: my boo, from the 1990s. >> nick in. nick: the song i know. steve: you do? nick: oh, yeah. nick has an amazing grasp of 80s, 90s hip-hop, rap hop. >> driving back and forth to work all of time, song i know but dance i did not. jenn: first time. steve: running man was more awkward. nick: that would be interesting. >> that is it for us.
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